INclusion: 25.10.2014 on the closing event of CinEast 2014 

Happy music for happy people. 8 musicians, different backgrounds and 8 different nationalities (Luxembourg, USA, Cape Verde, Brazil, Venezuela, Portugal, Poland, Belgium). INclusion is a band created in 2013 in Luxembourg, playing original Hip Hop & Funk tunes, including Pop, Jazz & Rock elements. Simple, easy listening tunes that make you feel happy. A strong rhythm section rounds up this unique project not to be missed.

Come and join our debut concert on the 25.10.2004 in Sang & Klang (Luxembourg - Pfaffenthal), starting @ 22h30. The opening of that evening will be made by Polonia Rocks, starting @ 20h00, so make sure you'll be there on time. This will not only be the first gig of this new band, but also the closing party of CinEast Festival 2014.

Come to find out if we take it all the way back to James Brown, and we're the funkiest people in the whole town!
Line Up
Tom Mahnen:       vocals / rap
Kelsey Hopper:    vocals
Cedric Gilis:         guitar
Hujo Miranda:      keyboards
José Veiga:           bass
David Gawlik:      drums
Gustavo Morales: percussion
Patrick Da Cruz:   turntables

Polonia Rocks live 25.10.2014 @ Sang & Klang / Double concert 

Polonia Rocks is a Polish band from Luxembourg playing some of the greatest hits in Polish music history.
In the context of the closing event of CinEast Festival 2014, come and join the biggest polish party of the year live @ Sang & Klang, starting at 20h00. This event is not to be missed by anyone from the polish community! Stay afterwards to see the ukrainian band "Zapaska", and later to party with the funky tunes played by INclusion.

Songs by artists like Kayah, Krzysztof Krawczyk, Maryla Rodowicz, Golec, Lzy, Bajm, 2+1, Lady Pank, Perfect, Lombard, Budka Suflera, Awantura, Ivan Komarenko, Tadeusz Wozniak, Kult...
Line-up (left to right):
Jean-Jacques Mailliet: violin / guitar
Dawid Gawlik: drums
Mateusz Wojda: vocals
Sylwia Winiarska: vocals
Cedric Gilis: guitar
Tomek Winiarski: bass


Our first single "EXIT" is out now. Get it straight away!

AKA NGL is a community of artists working together on various music productions with the songwriter and musician also known as (a.k.a) NG in Luxembourg.